Who I am

Oliver Dicks - Since 2001 I am a bachelor of science as a physical therapist. This means that I started treating humans first. In 2002 I heard about a specialization for physical therapist in treating horses. I was thrilled - so I learned how to treat horses in Duelmen in Germany the same year. It took two years to complete the education at 'Deutsches Institut für Pferde-Osteopathie'. In addition to that, I learned how to use acupuncture on horses.



Prior to a treatment of a horse there has to be an inspection of the horse in motion. Then I'll check the motion of all major joints and compare them with the other side. All the reachable tendons will be palpated. Testing of the spine takes place per region and vertebrae for vertebrae. Because of the influence of the teeth on the neck their status will be checked too. The outcome of all this plus the information the owner, or rider provides will lead to a treatment-plan. The treatment is a combination of direct and indirect techniques. Often the groom will have to perform stretching exercises to improve the effects of the treatment. Direct technique is an adjusting technique that works because I apply an impulse to mobilize a joint. Indirect technique will work because I am using a reflex of the horse, that asks the horse to make a certain movement. This will alter the range of motion of the manipulated joint. These indirect techniques have the tremendous advantage that they are very effective, but cannot hurt the horse.


Klick and ride

What is that - Klick and Ride is a new stud system developed in Europe. From this day on you will never have to struggle to get the studs into position again. Clean the hole Klick and Ride.

Why studs? - Studs will help you getting the traction you need on every footing there is. There is a studs for every condition you encounter.



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